Beginnings are ends and ends are beginnings.

Humans are weird. Just, honestly, truly weird. We chop up our lives into these little chunks. Was January 2000 earth shatteringly different than December 1999? I mean, I was 4, but from my point of view, everything was the same. Elmo and coloring still rocked my socks off, just like always (full disclosure: that’s still 100% true). On my 18th birthday later this year, will I be wiser than the day right before? I mean, I must be, because 18 year old me can gamble away all her money, destroy her lungs with cigarettes, and have a say in who leads one of the most powerful countries in the world. 17 year and 364 day old me never could have been trusted with that responsibility.

That said, at least these weird, arbitrary, human divisions of time give us excuses to celebrate.

My last day of high school is tomorrow. This four year chunk of time called high school is coming to end and after a short few months of nothing-in-particular, the four year chunk called college starts. Weird. I’ve spent 13 years in the public education systems of three different states and tomorrow, it’s over. No more high school classes ever. Weird. I still have a week or so until I get my hands on my diploma and have to go back in for an awards ceremony in the meantime, but the school part is done. Nothing really changes, but at the same time, it feels like a big change.

I didn’t love high school and will be overjoyed when I leave that school and never have to return… but I still had a lot of good memories the last four years. I went to some pretty cool places (RUSSIA!!), met some amazing people, and learned so much. I literally cannot thank each and every person who shared this arbitrary chunk of time with me enough.

So cheers to the good that’s passed, hasta la vista (baby) to high school and hello to new adventures!



When I went to make this collage, it was going to be one of those cute, oh-here-are-the-most-flattering-photos-I-took-the-past-four-years-look-how-I’ve-grown-up-throw-back-thursday collages. But… I was looking through my photos and that’s not what the last four years were really like- not my favorite parts, anyway. A lot of what I loved about high school was just spending time with friends, not doing much in particular, being ridiculous because we could and laughing until we burst. Here’s to all the stupid faces I pulled and those happy, imperfect, unpolished, and almost never caught on photograph moments. 🙂


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