Рай, кроме нет страусов

В выходные, я плавала по Волга в Козмодамьянск, Маркевь монастырь, и Чебоксары. Мое любимое место, которое я видела в поездке – зтпогрфический музей в Козмодемьнске. Люди там показали нам традиционную жизнь. Мы еще узнали об истории региона.


Но, больше , чем остаеовки, я любила отдыхать на теплоходе. Смотреть другие города реки интересно. Заход солнца был очень красивый, потому что свет отпражается на воде. Былп прекрасная поездка. Только одина досада: мы хотели смотреть ферму страусы около монастары, но не много нашли. Когда-нибкдь… но, теперь красивые зоходы солнцы и итересние музее более чем достаточно.


Тоже была итересная неделья в Нижнем, но я думаю что я предпочитаю корабли, нет автобусы. В воскресение, я потерлась на автобус.. но видела новие район города и три водителя автобксы помогли мне. В среду, мой автобус падал на машину… Но все был хорошо (кроме машины…) и после зтого был прекрасной день. Я изучала делать валенки, нашла вкусный смузи, и долго гуляла.


(On the weekend, I sailed on the Volga to Krasdanyansk, Markev Monastary, and Cheboksary. My favorite place that I saw on the trip was the ethnographic museum in Krasdanyask. There, people showed us traditional life in the region. We also learned about the history of the area. However, more than the stops, I liked relaxing on the boat. It was interesting to watch different cities on the river. The sunset was really pretty because it reflected off the water. It was a great trip. There was only one disappointment: we wanted to see an ostrich fatm closr to the monoastary but couldn’t find it. Someday… but, for now, beautiful sunsets and interesting musuems are more than enough. It was also an interesting week in Nizhny, though I think I prefer boats to buses. On Sunday, I got lost on the bus, but I got to see new parts of the city and 3 bus drivers helped me – English side note: +5 faith in humanity that many people were willing to help a random stranded american. On Wednesday, my bus ran into a car, but everything was okay except the car and it was a great day after that. I learned how to make valenki (felt boots), found a yummy smoothie, and went for a long walk.)


Циркови и праздники

(Может быть, я не пишу блог каждую неделю, но я еще здесь!!)


Мы ездила в Владимир и Суздаль два выходние назад. Владимир очень старый и красивый город. Там много цирков. Суздаль маленкее, но тоже старый и красивый.


Погода не была хорошая для ексюрсии. Все выходние шел дождь. Я люблю дождь, но больше люблю когда я могу сидеть дома и пить чай. Однако, еще был интересная ексюрсия. Мы долго слушала о истории. Частно говоря, был сложная информация и все по русски – я не знаю если я много понимала или помняла. Ну, мне понравалась архитектора и исскуство.


Последение выходние был четверт июля, большой американский праздник. Конечно, не был праздник в России, но я еще праздновала. Мы с америкапцами разговоровали и смотрели заход солнца через Волгы. Даже смотрели фейерверки!


(We went to Vladimir and Suzdal two weekends ago. Vladimir is an old and very pretty city. There are lots of churches there. Suzdal is smaller, but still old and pretty. The weather was bad for an excursion. It rained all weekend. I love rain, but love it more I can sit at home and drink tea. However, it was still an interesting excursion. We heard a lot about history. To tell the truth, it was complicated information and all in Russian, so I’m not sure how much I understood or remember. But, I enjoyed seeing the architecture and art. Last weekend was 4th of July, a large American holiday. Of course, it wasn’t a holiday in Russia, but I still celebrated. I talked with other Americans and watched the sunset over the Volga. We even saw fireworks)

Доброе пожоловать

Привет! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here, but I wanted to revive it because I’m currently traveling again. This summer, I’m living in Nizhny Novgorod as part of the Critical Language Scholarship program, which is a US State Department initiative to increase the number of speakers of critical languages through intensive summer language institues. Basically the college version of NSLI-Y.

CLS asked us to make goals before we left and one of mine was to write a weekly summary (in Russian!) about what I’ve been doing. The idea was that it would force me to write about and reflect on what can feel like a whirlwind experience… in Russian. My first week here just finished, so with no further ado, welcome to the blog and week 1 (Неделья 1):


После много часов в аэропортах, мы приехали в Нижнем Новгороде. Был 3 ч… утром. Солце еще светит, а мы пробовали спать. Следуюший день, рпиключение начилисься. Я встрачала семью, с которой я здесь живу и началась их познакомтесь – очень добрая семья. Я тоже началась познакомтесь город. Нижний рпекрасный город – будет интерсное лето.


   Мое любымое место до сих пор их пешая улица, называется Большая Покровская или Повкрвска, который красывая улица где находится много кафей, театров,  и магазинов. Я смотрела пьесу Чехова в театре.


Я началась урокы подзчера, но я училась много когда я не в уроке. Я обещала что до конца программа, только говорить по русскии язык. Был сложно, но уже легче чем первый день. Разговор с моей русской семей, языковим партнером, и другими американскими студентами много помогает мне.

Это все сейчас! Пoка!

After many hoursin airports, we arrived in Nizhny Novgorod! At 3… in the the morning. The sun was still shining, but we tried to sleep. The next day, the adventure started. I met and starting getting to know the family that I’ll be living with this summer – they’re very nice. I also starting getting to know the city. Nizhny is a wonderful city – it’s going to be a very interesting summer. My favorite place so far is their pedestrian street, called Pokrovska, which is a beautiful street with lots of cafes, theatres, and shops. I went to a Chekov play at the theatre there. I also started class two days ago, but I learn more when I’m not in class. I promised that I would only speak Russian until the end of the program. It’s hard, but already easier than the first day. Talking with my Russian family, language partner, and other American students helps a lot. That’s all for now! Bye!

Beginnings are ends and ends are beginnings.

Humans are weird. Just, honestly, truly weird. We chop up our lives into these little chunks. Was January 2000 earth shatteringly different than December 1999? I mean, I was 4, but from my point of view, everything was the same. Elmo and coloring still rocked my socks off, just like always (full disclosure: that’s still 100% true). On my 18th birthday later this year, will I be wiser than the day right before? I mean, I must be, because 18 year old me can gamble away all her money, destroy her lungs with cigarettes, and have a say in who leads one of the most powerful countries in the world. 17 year and 364 day old me never could have been trusted with that responsibility.

That said, at least these weird, arbitrary, human divisions of time give us excuses to celebrate.

My last day of high school is tomorrow. This four year chunk of time called high school is coming to end and after a short few months of nothing-in-particular, the four year chunk called college starts. Weird. I’ve spent 13 years in the public education systems of three different states and tomorrow, it’s over. No more high school classes ever. Weird. I still have a week or so until I get my hands on my diploma and have to go back in for an awards ceremony in the meantime, but the school part is done. Nothing really changes, but at the same time, it feels like a big change.

I didn’t love high school and will be overjoyed when I leave that school and never have to return… but I still had a lot of good memories the last four years. I went to some pretty cool places (RUSSIA!!), met some amazing people, and learned so much. I literally cannot thank each and every person who shared this arbitrary chunk of time with me enough.

So cheers to the good that’s passed, hasta la vista (baby) to high school and hello to new adventures!



When I went to make this collage, it was going to be one of those cute, oh-here-are-the-most-flattering-photos-I-took-the-past-four-years-look-how-I’ve-grown-up-throw-back-thursday collages. But… I was looking through my photos and that’s not what the last four years were really like- not my favorite parts, anyway. A lot of what I loved about high school was just spending time with friends, not doing much in particular, being ridiculous because we could and laughing until we burst. Here’s to all the stupid faces I pulled and those happy, imperfect, unpolished, and almost never caught on photograph moments. 🙂